Proposed Historic District Changes

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Historic District Guidelines 

The Historic District Guidelines provide the Pinehurst Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) and Village staff with tools for assessing whether a proposed change, addition, new construction, or demolition in the Pinehurst Historic District will be congruous with the special character of the Historic District.  Many of the Guidelines are requirements that must be complied with, while others are offered as strong recommendations.
These revised Historic District Guidelines were developed by a Guidelines Revision Committee under the auspices of the Pinehurst Historic Preservation Commission. The committee, which included several members of the HPC, a builder, an architect, and business owner, reviewed other NC local historic district guidelines and met regularly over the last year to develop the proposed Historic District Guidelines.
The revised Historic District Guidelines address a wide range of topics about the EXTERIOR of properties in the Local Historic District. Many exterior changes, such as fences, adding shutters, or changing paint colors, can be approved by Planning Department Staff.  Other changes require the approval of the Pinehurst Historic Preservation Commission.  Even if your home is fairly new, its location in the Historic District means that it should contribute to the special character of the Local Historic District.

Recommendation to Split the Historic District

For years, a major factor in the Pinehurst Historic Preservation Commission’s decision to grant a certificate of appropriateness to a new home or changes made to an existing structure within the Historic District has been the compatibility of the proposed building or change with the immediate surrounding neighborhood. The Village attorney has advised the Commission that using this criteria is indefensible in court should an applicant appeal a negative decision. For example, if someone wants to build a 6,000-square-foot house in a neighborhood with predominately 2,500-square-foot houses, the Commission would have to grant the request because within the large historic district, there is another house of this size even though it may be miles away. As a result, the only way the Historic Preservation Commission can preserve and ensure the integrity, compatibility, and special character of neighborhoods is to split the current large Historic District into a number of small districts with similar characteristics. 

In 2017, the Village contracted with New South Associates (New South) to re-examine the Pinehurst Local Historic District Overlay boundary adopted by the Village Council on September 26, 2006. As a result of this re-examination, New South recommends that the existing local historic district overlay boundary be amended into three smaller districts: Old Village Center, Village West, and the School District. These recommended districts are associated with their own historical contexts and physical development and acknowledge the “special character” of different areas within the Village. According to this proposed plan, all properties located within our current historic district would be included in one of the three, smaller proposed districts.

New South's report and supporting documents can be found below: