historic pinehurstOn September 26, 2006, Village Council adopted a Local Historic District that is composed of all properties located within the National Historic Landmark district, a 2001 Local Citizen Survey, and additional properties surveyed by Circa, Inc.

The Local Historic District Report was composed by Circa, Inc. and details the history and design of Pinehurst's Local Historic District. Properties within this district are subject to additional review by the Historic Preservation Commission and staff. The Local Historic District Standards and Guidelines were also adopted by Village Council on September 26, 2006. This document is recommended for property owners, designers, and contractors to use as a guide during the initial planning stages for projects within the district.

For additional assistance, please contact the Planning Department at (910) 295-2581 to set up an appointment with a member of staff. 

Potential Historic District Changes

The Village Council is considering splitting the Pinehurst Historic District into three separate districts and amending the Historic District Guidelines. Click here for more information.