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Parks & Recreation Director Mark Wagner has made a terrible discovery! When making sure everything was in place for the Community Center to open back up, he noticed all the basketballs from the gym were missing. We cannot re-open the Community Center until we have our equipment back. The only people who have access to the building are the Parks and Recreation staff…who could it be?

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Weekly Wednesday Trivia

Think you’re an expert on all things Village of Pinehurst? Show your stuff by participating in our weekly trivia contest! Every Wednesday, our Parks and Recreation team will share TEN Pinehurst trivia questions. You will have until the following Tuesday to take our quiz and test your knowledge. Winners will be announced on Facebook the following Wednesday when the next set of questions will be available. For participating in the trivia, you will be entered into our weekly drawing for a gift card to one of our downtown businesses. Gift cards prizes will vary each week and will support local Pinehurst businesses!

For each week you answer all 10 questions correctly, you will be entered into an additional drawing for our grand prize! Our final weekly winners and our grand prize winners will be announced June 3 on Facebook.

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Virtual Youth Duathlon

Co-Sponsored by Pinehurst Parks & Recreation & FirstHealth Fitness. Register online now through May 15 at under the special events tab!

Join us for our first ever Virtual Youth DUATHLON!!! As we navigate the impact of COVID-19 on our daily lives, and since we had to cancel the Youth Triathlon this year, we want to provide an outlet for kids to stay active, healthy, safe, and competitive during this difficult situation.

This virtual race goes through the month of May and gives kids ages 4-12 an opportunity to participate in the fast-growing world of multi-sport racing. This exciting event includes three waves: (1) Run (2) Bike (3) Run. Young duathletes will finish the race with a smile on their face and a boost of self-confidence and price. At a later date, we will follow the virtual event with an in-person celebration with medals and t-shirts for the finishers.

WHERE: Where ever you want, it’s virtual!

WHEN: May 2020

WHAT: Run-Bike-Run combination

Ages 4-5: Run 200 yards / Bike .50 Miles / Run 200 yards
Ages 6-7: Run 400 yards / Bike 2 Miles / Run 400 yards
Ages 8-9: Run .33 Miles / Bike 2.5 Miles / Run .33 Miles
Ages 10-12 Run .5 Miles / Bike 4 Miles / Run .5 Miles

COST: $10 per duathlete

*Registration works best when done on a desktop/laptop or on the "desktop" version on a mobile device.*

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