Performance Dial

Since Fiscal Year (FY) 2014, the Pinehurst Village Council has adopted a Balanced Scorecard with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to determine Village progress at achieving the Council’s goals and objectives.  The Village uses the Balanced Scorecard to integrate strategic planning and resource allocation.  The BSC uses four perspectives to ensure a balanced approach to evaluating achievement of organizational strategy:

1. Customer – Delivering the services customers want at the level desired
2. Internal – Enhancing services through continuous improvement
3. Workforce – Developing an engaged workforce to provide quality services
4. Financial – Managing resources to ensure financial sustainability

In the Annual Performance Report, each Key Performance Indicator is assigned a score of 0-10 based on actual performance levels relative to the established goals and red flags.  Scores are then consolidated for a composite or index score that indicates performance as either red, yellow, or green.  Historical performance levels are also included in the Annual Performance Report to indicate trend information.

Performance Reports are prepared at the end of each fiscal year by the Village Manager’s Office and presented to the Village Council at a regularly scheduled Council meeting.  

Additional organizational performance data is located in the Village's annual Strategic Operating Plan (SOP).


 BSC Goals FY 2018