The Pinehurst Appearance Committee serves as an advisory committee to the Village Council focused on implementing the Village’s mission to promote, enhance, and sustain the quality of life for residents, businesses, and visitors through four focus areas of: Advisory, Outreach, Beautification, and Sustainability.

 Advisory Subcommittee Responsibilities

  • Project advice
    • Provide advice to Village Council from an appearance perspective on selected major public projects impacting the Village including those found in the SOP.
    • Provides support to Village staff in development of public projects.
  • Village ordinances
    • Offer advice to Village staff and others on certain amendments to the Pinehurst Development Ordinance and Pinehurst Municipal Code.
    • Offer advice to Village staff and others on the development of tree preservation ordinances and/or regulations.

Outreach Subcommittee Responsibilities

  • Awards
    • Implement the Manning Beautification Award Program.
    • Develop other awards to recognize beautification efforts around Pinehurst
  • Grants
    • Promote and award Village grants for enhancements of public and private property.
  • Workshops and Events
    • Conduct educational workshops and events for the public.
    • Maintain a presence at Village and community events to educate the public (i.e. Holly Arts and Crafts, parades, etc.)
  • Communication
    • Collaborate with Village staff to distribute external communications to the public as outlined in the Village’s External Communications Policy.
  • Maintain status of Tree City USA
    • Promote and conduct annual Arbor Day celebration.

Beautification Subcommittee Responsibilities

  • Beautification Collaboration
    • Collaborate with local garden clubs, resort, neighborhoods, Pinehurst Business Partners, etc. on community beautification.
  • Public Plantings
    • Work to enhance plantings in all public spaces.
  • Holiday Decorations and Contest
    • Assist Village staff with holiday decorations as necessary.
    • Coordinate the homeowners decoration contest.
    • Coordinate the downtown businesses’ decoration plans.

Sustainability Subcommittee

  • Sustainable Natural Resources
    • Investigate, implement, and evaluate opportunities for sustainable energy.
    • Promote water conservation.
    • Promote preservation of open space.
    • Promote and support tree preservation, conservation, and management in coordination with Village staff.
02/04/2019 3:30 PM