Stay informed on the Village's plans to provide interconnected neighborhood sidewalks and street lights. Current sidewalk and street lighting projects under review and underway are in Lake Pinehurst and Village Acres. For questions or comments, please contact Jeff Batton, Assistant Village Manager, or Mark Wagner, Parks & Recreation Director. View the Village's Comprehensive Pedestrian Master Plan here

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Lake Pinehurst Sidewalks and Street Lights

The Village held a public input meeting on Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 7:00pm at Village Hall to discuss sidewalks and streetlights in the Lake Pinehurst neighborhood.  Staff shared the results of the March 2017 survey and obtained additional input from Lake Pinehurst residents on their desires for sidewalks and streetlights.

Click here to watch the video recording of the April 13 public input meeting.

Click here to view the presentation from the April 13 public input meeting. 

For more information about the proposed sidewalk construction phases, please view this map.

Village Acres Sidewalks and Street Lights

In Spring 2016, the Village gathered neighborhood input and direction regarding plans to add sidewalks and street lights in the Village Acres community through a neighborhood survey and public input meeting. Over 350 Village Acres residents provided input on the project.

View the plans and documents for the Village Acres sidewalk and street lighting project here.

The final project includes:

  • 1.14 miles of new concrete sidewalks on Spring Lake Drive to create connectivity from Highway 211 to US 15-501
  • Approximately 26 new street lights

Project Timeline:

  • April 2017: Award sidewalk construction bid
  • April 2017: Begin sidewalk construction
  • July 2017: Complete sidewalk construction and street lighting installation


 Project status updated on 04/07/2017