Special Events

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The Parks and Recreation Department organizes a number of special events throughout the year.  Visit our calendar to view upcoming events.

In addition, the Parks and Recreation Department permits all outdoor events in the Village of Pinehurst organized by  other groups.

Temporary uses are defined as:                             

  • Major civic and cultural events, grand openings, and ground breaking ceremonies,
  • Athletic events that utilize the Village property, public streets, or right-of-ways,
  • Parades
  • Other temporary events of community-wide significance.

To determine if your event requires a permit, please read the following:

Do I need a temporary use permit?

  • Do I expect 50 people or more to be gathered for an hour or more?
  • Even though my event is on private property, will some aspects of it impact public property (i.e. sidewalks, roads, or other village property)?
  • Does your event require any Village of Pinehurst services (trash pick-up, closing of streets, etc.)?
  • Will I be erecting a stage, tent (10 x 10 or larger) or bleachers?
  • Will I be vending (food, beverages, merchandise, services, charging admission on-site)?
  • Will I be selling and/or serving Alcohol?
  • Will my event include advertising and/or product sampling?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you must submit a Special Event Use Application 45 days in advance of your scheduled event.  This application is $50.00.  Other fees may apply based on your event needs.

For more information, please contact us at (910) 295-2817.