Carolina Polocrosse

PoloCross_w300Two Day event is  at the Harness Track on Hwy 5/Beulah Hill Road.

Although polocrosse resembles the American Indian game of lacrosse, its origins date back hundreds of years to Persia and its sister sport of polo. In England, polocrosse was an indoor exercise to teach people how to ride a horse. The modern game took shape in Australia in the 1930’s. Today, there are over 6,000 players in the world. After participating in the 2003 Polocrosse World Cup tournament, the United States has developed “exchange programs” with several other countries.

The polocrosse field can be grass or dirt and is 160 yards long and 60 yards wide. Teams score points by throwing the ball through their opponents goal posts. At the same time, they protect their goal from the other team. All players can catch, carry and throw the ball with their racquets. However, only the player at the number 1 position is allowed to score. The rules are designed with one primary concern, safety — for player and horse. Anything creating a dangerous situation is ruled illegal and is penalized.

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