Low Cost of Living


Picket-FenceMoving to the Village of Pinehurst, you’ll find relatively low property tax rates in Moore County and the Village of Pinehurst.  Property tax rates in North Carolina apply to both real estate and personal property.

  • The Moore County tax rate is $0.465 per $100 valuation, with $0.03 added for county-wide Advanced Life Support (ALS) services. At $0.495, Moore County has the lowest property tax rate per $100 valuation when compared to the 9 surrounding counties.
  • The Village of Pinehurst tax rate is $0.295 per $100 valuation, making it the lowest of Moore County municipalities. 

Property Tax Rates

Source: Moore County Tax Department

The overall cost of living in the Village of Pinehurst is lower than the national average and northeastern US major cities.  According to city-data.com, in 2016 the cost of living index in Pinehurst is 94, compared to the US average of 100. 

Cost of Living