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Water Restrictions and Daily Water Usage Charts

Marina boats image In a continued effort to keep our residents informed regarding possible water shortage and restrictions here in Pinehurst, we have provided some useful information and links below to give you a better understanding of the current drought conditions and restrictions.

The Daily Water Usage Chart is updated daily based on information supplied by Moore County Public Utilities. Saturday & Sunday usage amounts are updated in the chart the following Monday. The current water consumption target goal for Pinehurst, given Stage 1 water restrictions, is 3,680,000 gallons per day.

The Village's Conservation Committee has put together some recommendations on how to conserve water. Residents are encouraged to review these and implement the suggestions, as appropriate.

Monthly precipitation

To have the complete monthly information, precipitation quantities are not released until the beginning of the following month. Following is the latest month's precipitation - March 2016.

Daily Water Usage

Following is the latest daily water usage report - March 2016.

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