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Green Recycling CanThe Public Services Department works with the Recycling and Hazardous Waste Disposal Committee of the Conservation Commission to provide residents with an effective recycling program. Recyclable materials are collected curbside once a week.

All recycling can be commingled and then is sorted at the recycling plant. Materials should be placed loose (except shredded paper, which should be bagged first) in the Village provided cart and placed by the curb no later than 7:00 am. The Village does not collect recycling on Village observed holidays. Make up collection occurs the same week in which the holiday occurs, usually on the Wednesday. The Village's Recycling Pickup Schedules detail the items accepted as well as the pickup schedule.

Automation of recycling is here in Pinehurst!

The Pinehurst Village Council approved a plan in November 2010 to automate recycling in the Village of Pinehurst. Partial funding for this program was provided by a $75,000 grant from the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources. The grant was used to offset the cost of providing recycling carts to households that participate in curbside recycling on a regular basis.

The issuance of carts makes recycling easier for the resident by having a wheeled cart in which to place their recyclable materials. By moving to carts, the Village is able to utilize its automated arm trash trucks to collect the recycling. This increases efficiency and relieves the staff from manually handling the recyclable material, which exposes staff to greater chance of injury. 

Residents who recycle should use the carts, and residents who wish to start recycling or did not receive a cart can request one from the Public Services Department by calling 910-295-5021 or submitting a service desk ticket.

Recycling in the Village is quite simple. All materials can go into the one container, comingled - separating items is not necessary. With the new carts, residents are encouraged to put all items in loose; bagging recyclables is not required (with the exception of shredded paper). The Village collects a wide array of items including plastics # 1-7, cardboard, aluminum and metal cans, all types of paper (newspaper, junk mail, telephone books, magazines, etc.), and glass bottles. For a complete listing of materials, please visit the Village of Pinehurst website at www.villageofpinehurst.org. The Village also has a listing at this website for items we do not collect but may be recycled by others within the community.

If you do not recycle, please consider starting. If you currently recycle, we thank you for your efforts!

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