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Pinehurst Civic Group awards Distinguished Service Award

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Each year the Pinehurst Civic Group presents a Distinguished Service Award to an individual or a group who has provided exceptional public service and made significant contributions to the vibrancy and continued health and welfare of the Village of Pinehurst.  This years award goes to Ginsey Fallon who not only is the longest serving elected official in Pinehurst history, but her list of accomplishments are extensive.  Some of her significant achievements are:

An active member of the New Core Steer Committee, a forerunner of today's efforts to revitalize the VillageCenter.

A leader of the Pinehurst Water Committee, and an effective negotiator with County officials to improve the level and quality of water and sewer services to the Village.

One of the first officials to recognize the new demands on Pinehurst's changing demographics, and has been a strong promoter of expanded parks and recreational facilities to meet the needs of families with children, non-golfers, and residents not belonging to the Club.

A consistently strong supporter of our local men and women in uniform including the staff of our police and fire departments and their needs to provide effective public safety for the Village.

On two separate occasions, in times of strong feelings in both the community and on the Council, Ginsey stepped into the position of mayor and, relying on the skills she developed over many years as a public educator, provided a calm and objective voice in Council deliberations.  She ensured that everyone who had an opinion or suggestion was given a fair opportunity to express it, as long as it was done in a civil, respectful manner.

But according to Brian Deaton who presented Ginsey with her award, "her enduring legacy is the nurturing development she provided to the Neighborhood Advisory Committee.  The NAC has become a very productive mechanism within Village government for all neighborhoods in Pinehurst to have their interest and concerns heard and addressed by public officials.  This role was undertaken by our honoree as an individual before the formation of the NAC.  These key qualities - outreach to and engagement with all elements in the community, a welcoming attitude towards newcomers, an open ear, and a strong and persistent voice for the non-vocal - make this year's honoree a most deserving recipient."

The Village staff and Pinehurst residents would also like to thank and congratulate Ginsey on a most deserving award!

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