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Announcement Regarding New Village Center Enhancement

Monday, January 21, 2013

Announcement from Village of Pinehurst regarding new Village Center Enhancement.

Village of Pinehurst has announced plans to pursue the construction of a two-level public parking facility on what is presently a surface parking lot located behind The Holly Inn on Dogwood Road. The parking facility, designed as a Carriage House, will feature two levels, one accessible via street level off of Orange Road, which is below grade, and the other accessible off Dogwood Road. The facility will add another 68 public parking spaces and will also house public rest rooms. Thumbnail of Parking Lot

The property is owned by Pinehurst, LLC, who has signed a letter of intent to provide the land for the project, which will be funded and managed by The Village. When completed, the facility will occupy the property under a leasehold deed of trust with Pinehurst, LLC. The facility will be used by the public and Holly Inn guests.

The Village, recognizing that the provision of parking is always a challenge, especially in the Pinehurst Village Center, has identified this concept as a visual improvement to the site and the ambience of the Village of Pinehurst.  Mayor Nancy R. Fiorillo states that, “It is vital that the Village Council takes a long term view regarding public parking needs. This is an opportunity to develop an attractive public facility for residents and visitors alike that will serve us well for the long term.  We appreciate Pinehurst LLC’s and their lender’s cooperation and the collaborative way they have approached the project.”

The Village Council will be retaining The Hayter Firm of Pinehurst, NC, to lead a team consisting of Rabun, Rasche, Rector and Reese Architects of Atlanta, GA, and LKC Engineering, Inc., of Pinehurst, NC, to plan, design and administer the construction of the $2.7 million project.  The Hayter Firm has extensive experience in the Village of Pinehurst providing planning, design and construction management services for numerous village enhancement and restoration projects over the past twenty years.

The public space with adjacent public restrooms on Dogwood Road may also serve as a Welcome Center depending on the desires of the Village.  The concept of a building of a public or private nature in this location along Dogwood Trail was first contemplated in the 2010 Comprehensive Plan, as an incremental expansion of the Village Center along an organizing spine road.  The provision of public restrooms will make it easier for commercial building owners in the Village Center to retrofit their properties for modern retail needs with the public facilities meeting the ADA requirements for much of the Village Center.

The added parking will help alleviate parking shortages that occur in the Village Center and will provide needed public parking for the expanded Given Library and Cultural Center, yet coupled with the expanded parking lot adjoining the Village Green, the Village Center will remain below community standards for in-town parking.  The facility will also provide centrally located parking between the existing Village Center and any future development in Village Place, while also providing parking for the increasing number of special events that occur in the Village Center.

As the site is presently used for parking, the new facility will not disturb additional land or any significant stands of trees. 

Planning and design is estimated to take six months, and construction another ten.  At present, the plan is for the facility to be constructed after the 2014 US Open Championships.

Vital Statistics

Existing Conditions:
Existing Holly Inn parking lot has 92 spaces.
The Village Green lot is increasing from 80 to 96 spaces, plus another 17 possible if on-street parking is added.
Recommended # of parking spots by community standards for Village Center is 610 spaces.
Real estate owned by Pinehurst, LLC.  Construction by Village of Pinehurst, NC.

After Completion:
Grade level access lot consists of 61 spaces.
Below grade level access lot consists of 54 spaces.
After Carriage House built; remaining Holly Inn lot will consist of 45 spaces.
Total Holly Inn parking, including deck, below grade and lot after construction will consist of 160 spaces.
After Carriage House project, there will be 520 spaces, a 90 space deficit (73 space deficit if 17 on-street parking spaces added).
Est. construction cost: $2.7 million (including $278,000 in design, not including 15% contingency).

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