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Streets and Grounds

Village of Pinehurst Public ServicesThe Streets and Grounds division is part of the Public Services Department. This department is responsible for maintaining over 106 miles of paved streets within Village limits and also provides manpower to maintain Village owned right-of-ways and common areas. The Streets and Grounds division is also responsible for drainage issues within the right-of-way, maintenance of public dirt/gravel roads, inclement weather issues, and installation and replacement of street signs; and while Engineering services are contracted, many of the preliminary evaluations of issues are initiated by the Streets and Grounds Division.  They also help with the collection of yard debris.

The division is divided into two main crews:

  1. Grading/Drainage Crew - this crew is responsible for all right-of-way issues regarding pipes, culverts, catch basins, head walls, reshaping ditches, and storm drains. They also are responsible for cutting back limbs, bushes and other vegetation, as well as conducting initial evaluation of Engineering issues.
  2. Mowing Crew - this crew is responsible for maintaining 106 miles of right-of-ways. This crew is responsible for all mowing, trimming hedges and weedeating Village right-of-ways and Village common areas.  One of the other responsibilities they handle is street signs (putting up and replacing any missing or damaged signs). 

Both crews remove dead trees from the right-of-ways, pick up white goods (dryers, stoves, etc.), and do any minor maintenance jobs.

State Roads

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is responsible for maintaining Highway 5, Highway 15-501, Highway 211, Page Road, and Morganton Road. If you have questions or concerns regarding the right-of-ways and paving or patching of these roads, please contact the Carthage office of NCDOT at (910) 947-2233. NCDOT is also responsible for the plantings at the traffic circle. If you have questions or concerns regarding these, please contact NCDOT at the Aberdeen office at (910) 944-2344.

Snow Removal

The Village has limited resources for snow/ice removal. Therefore, snow/ice removal is prioritized by first, second, and third level priority streets. First priority streets are major arteries; second priority streets are minor through streets; and third priority streets are residential streets.

The Village of Pinehurst

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