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The Pinehurst Police Department would like to make all of our residents aware that we have a kennel in which we house dogs lost on weekends and after 5pm on weekdays, as the Moore County Animal Control facility is closed during these times. Residents who lose dogs after 5pm or over the weekend should contact the Pinehurst Police Department at 295-3141. Many residents, unaware that we provide this service, wait until the County's Animal Control facility reopens during regular business hours, whereas, if we have the dog, the owner may pick it up any time, night or day, with no fees required. If we do not have the reported lost dog, we will take a description, along with the resident's name, address, and phone number in case the dog is located later.

We also encourage owners to make sure there is a way of identifying their dog(s). Many of the dogs picked up are not registered with the Village, nor do they have microchips. The Police Department is able to trace owners through Village pet registration records, as well as through microchips via a scanner that reads the information contained on the chips. Pet identification enables us to locate the owner quickly, thus alleviating the stress pets incur at being contained in an unfamiliar place away from their beloved people.

Karen Hammer
Administrative Assistant

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