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Human Resources Employee CompensationIn an effort to attract, motivate and retain qualified personnel, the Village of Pinehurst maintains a competitive pay-for-performance compensation program. This program ensures that pay levels are externally competitive with appropriate labor market and internally consistent and fair. By definition, the program allows for more advanced salary growth through merit adjustments to those employees with higher levels of performance, through regular, timely and objective performance reviews.

The Village has designed market-based pay structures, which are reviewed and adjusted periodically. The Human Resources Department continually participates in formal salary surveys and informal pay practice discussions as a means of assessing the various labor markets in which we compete. Each regular position is assigned to a pay grade and each pay grade has a minimum and maximum salary amount. Below is the current Position Classification and Pay Plan:


Total Compensation

Salary is just one component of an employee’s total compensation package. It’s important to consider the many other benefits offered by the Village. Check out the Employee Benefits web page.

The Village of Pinehurst

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