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The following inspections are required by the Village in order to receive a Certificate of Occupancy (C/O). You are encourage to call all inspections in to the Inspections Hotline at (910) 295-1392 or request through the Citizen Service Desk online. When you call in, be sure to state the builder name, address of jobsite (lot number and street name), type of inspection requested, and date inspection is requested. For requests received electronically or via the Hotline prior to 1:00 pm, staff will make every effort to schedule the inspection the following business day. No specific time can be given for inspections due to the inspectors’ work load and travel distance between jobs. 

Footing Inspection

Footing inspections are conducted after trenches are excavated but before any concrete is poured. Trenches are to be free of all water, loose soils, roots and rock. Bulkheads, grade stakes or pins are to be in place. Rebar (when required) should be in place and tied prior to inspection. Footings are to be one continuous pour. 

Temporary Service Pole Inspection

Temporary service poles shall be 100 amps or less and have all 120V outlets GFCI. Any 240V outlets that are installed shall have GFCI protection also. Temporary service poles can be inspected at the same time as the footing or foundation. Overhead temporary service poles are required to be traced on two sides.

Foundation Inspection

Foundation inspections are performed after the foundation is installed but before any framing is placed on the foundation. Crawlspace shall be raked down smooth and all debris removed. Termite pre-treatment is expected to be done at this time. Waterproofing, foundation drainage and crawlspace drainage systems shall be installed at this time. Do not backfill until after the inspection.

Underslab Inspection

Underslab inspections are to be made before the slab inspection. Any underslab plumbing shall be inspected to check grade, fittings and tests. All piping is to be left exposed for inspection. A 10-foot head is required for water test or 5 PSI of air.

Slab Inspection

Slab inspections are conducted after forms are installed or soil has been prepared. Reinforcement, polyethylene plastic (6mil.) expansion board and keyways are installed first. All concrete shall be inspected except driveways and walkways. Termite treatment shall be done at this time. Monolithic pours are when footing, column pads and the slab are all installed at one time. 

Rough-In Inspection: (Framing, Mechanical, Plumbing & Electrical) 

Rough-in inspections are done when the structure is framed up and dried in with all flashing, shingles, windows and doors installed and all electrical, mechanical, gas and plumbing system with test are roughed-in. Stairways, fireplaces, chimneys and vents, fireblocking, draft stops and insulation baffles should be in at this time. 

Insulation Inspection

Insulation inspections are performed after all exterior wall insulation and vapor barrier (if used) is in place, ceiling batts are installed, but before any wall or ceiling coverings are applied. Floor insulation and blown in attic insulation are normally checked during the final inspection.

Water/Sewer Inspection

The water and sewer inspection is an open trench inspection of water and sewer pipes from the public meter or sewer tap to the building connection. Items checked include material type, size, burial depth, proper joints, grades, cleanouts, water shut-off, and backflow prevention. This inspection is to be made before any piping is covered. 

Pre-Final Inspection

When building is completed and ready for occupancy, please do not expect final approval until all construction and systems are completed. This includes all fixtures (plumbing and lighting), equipment (heating) and decks, stairs and railing. The emergency 911 address is to be posted. When septic tank approval is applicable, no final approval will be given until our office receives the written Environmental Health Department’s Operation Permit. You are responsible for getting this permit to us.

Final C/O Inspection

During a final c/o inspection, the electrical system is checked for polarity. GFI, arc fault and smoke detectors are tested. The driveway is checked and the final survey is reviewed to ensure that all zoning meets the local applicable ordinances. 

A re-inspection fee of $50.00 will be charged for the first re-inspection. This fee will double with each re-occurrence. 

The Building Inspections Division is located in Village Hall at 395 Magnolia Road and can be reached at (910) 295-2581.

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