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Village surveys the needs of Village Center business owners

In an effort obtain an understanding of the challenges and opportunities for businesses located in the Village Center, Village staff recently conducted a survey of business owners. All survey respondents who completed the survey were entered into a drawing for a $100 VISA gift card. Sherry Mortenson, owner of the Faded Rose, was the lucky winner!!!

A total of thirty-six businesses responded to the survey that inquired about general business characteristics; business challenges and opportunities; and information needs, sources, and preferences. The survey also allowed businesses to provide general comments on the Village’s economic development and Village Center enhancement efforts.

The majority of business owners who responded represented the retail, restaurant, real estate, and financial institution sectors. In addition, over 74% of respondents indicated the Village atmosphere as the primary reason for locating their business in the Village.

The survey indicated the top five business challenges facing Village Center businesses at this time. They are (in order of importance): 

  1. Attracting new customers
  2. The image of the Village
  3. Customer parking availability
  4. The overall general economy
  5. The appearance of buildings. 

Respondents also rated the relative importance of potential improvements to the Village Center. Over 94% of survey participants indicated parking expansion and improvements as either very important or important, making it the top priority. Other improvements that were identified as important included:

  • Gateway and wayfinding signage
  • Storefront beautification
  • Enhanced landscaping and maintenance
  • Enhanced appearance of alleyways.

The Council-appointed Village Center Enhancement Committee will use the Business Needs Survey results to prioritize recommended initiatives to meet the most important needs of business owners. Members of the Village Center Enhancement Committee include Art Chalker (Chair), Kathryn King, Deborah Myatt, Stephen Cryan, Karen Kaplan, Eldora Wood, and Jeff Batton. Natalie Dean, Assistant Village Manager, also serves on the committee as the Council-appointed Downtown Manager. For more information on the Village Center Enhancement efforts, contact Natalie Dean at 295-1900.

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