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History, Charm and Southern Hospitality

Planned Projects

Greenway Wildlife Surveys 

With assistantance of volunteers, the Committee is surveying plants and animals, including birds, insects and reptiles that live in natural habitats along the Greenway. The findings will be posted here as the are gathered throughout the seasons.

Greenway Wildlife Markers

With the help of a grant from the North Carolina Department of Urban Forestry, the Committee will be working with volunteers and professionals to identify plants along the Greenway and install information markers for the public. Surveys will be conducted four times this year in order to identify the differing vegetation that is present each season.

Understory Plantings

We will also be working with experts in urban forestry to determine whether and where additional plantings, such as vines and shrubs, should and could be planted along the Greenway to attract wildlife.

Public Education 

The Committee will also be able to present speakers for organizations throughout Pinehurst. We have programs on wildlife habitat protection – benefits and how to attract wildlife. If you are interested in finding out more about our wildlife habitat presentations, please contact Bob Boone, Community Outreach Chairman for the Conservation Commission.

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