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Alternative Energy Sub-committee

Pinehurst towerThe Alternative Energy sub-committee of the Conservation Commission began as a sub-committee to the Planning and Zoning Board to study geothermal heating and cooling systems and solar panels. The sub-committee was responsible for the research and text amendment proposals to the Pinehurst Development Ordinance to allow these alternate sources.

The new committee has expanded its membership and plans to also expand their studies into other areas, including green building and LEED certification, lighting, hot water options, and transportation.

A recent article in the Village Newsletter highlighted this group. If you are interested in being a part of this committee, you can contact the committee chair, Larry Cox at (910)215-5725.


Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is important for two reasons: conservation of natural resources and saving money. The best way to gauge energy effieciency is to track it. Greenquest is a free online service that allows you to do just that.

Click here to view an article contributed by committee member, Tessie Chao, regarding alternative energy light selection for home use.

Green Building

One of the focuses of the Alternative Energy Committee is on ways to educate and incentivize green building. The excerpt below is from the Village's Strategic Energy Plan.

  • Register with EPA's Energy Star Challenge as an EPA partner and use their tools, or an equivalent system, to conduct a base line emissions inventory of our government facilities.
  • Establish a guideline for green building for all new government buildings.
  • Develop and incentive-based green building program for new construction and remodeling (residential and commercial).
  • Establish a green building committee to study and develop programs.

Alternative Transportation

The Alternative Energy committee also focuses on alternative transportation modes. The following is an excerpt from the Village's Strategic Energy Plan: 

  • Adopt a “green fleet” policy that incorporates, at a minimum, the purchase of low carbon emitting, fuel efficient vehicles for vehicle fleet replacement and the use of alternative fuels in fleet operations and that considers the total usage period and costs for vehicles.
  • Develop a bicycle and pedestrian plan to include a safe routes to school program (to be handled within the current Greenway/bicycle path program).

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