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Community Appearance Commission

Overview: The Community Appearance Commission (CAC) reviews and makes recommendations regarding plans for single family homes and fences. In reviewing these requests, the Commission works with the builder to ensure that both site and building design are appropriate for Pinehurst and will enhance the Village. The Commission also performs final inspections on single family home sites to see that development is carried out as indicated in the plans approved by the Planning and Inspections Department. The Commission also works on long-term projects that impact the appearance of the Village.

Responsibilities: CAC

  • Initiate, promote and assist in the implementation of programs of general community beautification in the village;
  • Coordinate the activities of individuals, agencies and organizations, public and private, whose plans, activities and programs bear upon the appearance of the village;
  • Provide leadership and guidance in matters of area or community design and appearance to individuals and to public and private organizations and agencies;
  • Make studies of the visual characteristics and problems of the village including surveys and inventories of an appropriate nature, and to recommend standards and policies of design for the entire area, any portion or neighborhood thereof or any project to be undertaken;
  • Prepare both general and specific plans for the improved appearance of the village. 
  • Review plans for new, remodeled or additions to residential and nonresidential properties as submitted to assess the aesthetics of construction relative to adjacent and neighborhood properties.

The Village of Pinehurst

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